Avida is proud industry supporter!

Avida is a proud supporter of all aspects of the RV Industry from a State and National perspective. The Caravan Industry Association of Australia, the industry organisation tasked with ensuring the RV Industry is at the forefront of professionalism and quality.

Avida is fully accredited as a national RVMAP manufacturer. TheCaravan Industry Association of Australia’s Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Accreditation Program – RVMAP – ensures that every RV built by an RVMAP accredited manufacturer complies with all relevant regulations including Australian Design Rules and Australian Standards, and also with the additional requirements of RVMAP’s Code of Practice.

RVMAP underpins the drive for ever-higher quality and safety standards.

The RVMAP “Accredited” Badge on an RV is the ultimate proof of compliance – only Members who have attained RVMAP Accreditation are entitled to display it.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is the national peak body for the caravanning and holiday parks industry, representing manufacturers, retailers, repairers, industry suppliers, as well as caravan holiday parks. The Association is responsible for the growth and development of the Australian caravanning and camping industry for the benefit of all industry participants including consumers, industry employees, and business operators.

The Motorhome Lifestyle

“This lifestyle is now the fastest growing segment of the Australian tourism market.”

Australians are spending more of their time pursuing leisure activities in Australia than ever before. The baby boomer generation who have discovered that there is so much to see and do in Australia are getting out there and “doing it.” Baby boomers have never held back in the past and when they decide to do something, they generally do it in a big way which is why so many are now travelling the country roads in a RV of some description, motorhomes often the vehicle of choice.

The term RV stands for “Recreational Vehicle” and encompasses a variety of offerings such as motorhomes, campervans, caravans and tent trailers, and largely because of the baby boomers, the RV industry is on a roll, a great benefit for Australia generally, especially rural Australia.

The motorhome is a phenomenon of massive proportions and particularly over the last decade, the motorhome lifestyle is one being discovered daily by those looking for escape and seeking to adopt the motorhome catchphrase – “enjoy your life”. Motorhomes are the pinnacle of luxury travel and Avida has motorhomes for everyone, they all have hot showers, flushing toilets, well equipped kitchens, comfy beds and much more. Being an Australian company, Avida understands what is required to meet Australia’s harsh climate and builds motorhomes very suited to the conditions.

It is estimated that at any given time, there are 100,000 to 110,000 RV’s travelling on extended trips at any given time, hardly surprising when over 390,000 RV’s are currently registered in Australia.

Surveys have found that RV travellers spend around $600 each week on food, fuel, entertainment and other essentials and take say an average 100,000 vehicles on the road at any one time, that’s a massive $60 million PER WEEK, largely being distributed amongst far flung country centres, often suffering from rural blights such as drought, unemployment, bush fire and flood.

The freedom of travelling Australia’s wide brown land is an experience that more and more of the time impaired, excessively stressed city dwellers are opting for – and mostly, they opt to do it in style. Gone is the nine to five, the packed trains, the constant harassment by the ubiquitous timepieces that seem to infest every nook and cranny of the big city. Go to where time is meaningless, stress is nonexistent and doing what you want, when you want is paramount.